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Erica Lyons Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers:

A tremendous thank you for our incredible writers who have contributed to this issue. It is difficult to put this issue together and focus on anything other than the destruction in Nepal. Living in the region, most of us have a number of contacts and friends that have been directly effected by the earthquake. Also living in Hong Kong, we are all well aware that many members of our community’s incredible security team are Nepalese. These are the people whom we trust the most, to insure our safety and the safety of our families in a world where safety is certainly no longer to be taken for granted. We will wait for a later issue to further explore the efforts of Jewish/ Israeli groups in Nepal.

In this issue, we bring you A Glimpse of Daily Life - Jewish Shanghai in Photographs. These photos were selected from the Werner von Boltenstern Shanghai Photograph and Negative Collection launched by Loyola Marymount University’s William H. Hannon Library. The collection largely focuses on the Jews of Shanghai during World War II.

Another unique glimpse at Jewish life in Asia during the Holocaust, in this issue, is Holocaust Refuge in India which has been excerpted from Eleven Years in India by Elise Braun Barnett. The publication of this fascinating excerpt was made possible by the Leo Baeck Archives’ LBI Memoir Collection.

Also out of India, we present The Jews of Cochin - Recording Community History by Bala Menon. Bala Menon is one of the co-authors of Spice & Kosher - Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews which was showcased in AJL's Issue 14.

We are also proud to present Wedding Day Bliss by Sophie Judah, excerpted from Tales of Grandpa Eli. This chapter works well as a stand alone piece, or short story, detailing an amusing story about a fictional Bene Israel wedding.

And if it is stories of love you are yearning for, Susan Blumberg-Kason interviews Susan Chan in Escape to a World of Happily Ever After focused on her book The Reluctant Brides of Lily Court Lane.

The incredible Susan Blumberg-Kason also has interviewed author Leza Lowitz this issue in At Home in the World. Leza’s work was featured in Asian Jewish Life, Issue 12. This interview looks at a few of Leza’s books with a special focus on her heartfelt new release, Here Comes the Sun: A Journey to Adoption in 8 Chakras (Stone Bridge Press, 2015).

Like Leza, writing from Japan, we feature a touching reflection piece by Melissa Uchiyama titled My Hope, Less Fears - A Homecoming Halted.

In continuing our series on traditional education, Tiberiu Weisz has contributed Part II: Traditional Education in Chinese and Jewish Culture, titled Tiger Mom vs. Yiddishe Mame.

Our Book Review looks at two books that focus on Victor Sassoon. We have also included a summer reading list of books we are particularly excited to explore this summer.

Last, but most certainly not least, a special thank you to Davi Cheng for her artwork and article that appears on the cover of this issue.

Enjoy your summer and thank you for reading!

Erica Lyons

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