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The India Issue - Autumn 2010

Cover Story:
Never Forget, Never Forgive in Feudal Japan

Not a comic social commentary
by Erica Lyons

An image often has the power to transcend words. With beautiful, bold, black brush stroke sketches, graphic novelist Rami Efal screams out universal truths in his work Never Forgive, Never Forget, a recent nominee for the Ignatz Award, a comic book industry standard. Set in feudal Japan, the book is the story of a bitter homecoming in the midst of a long and bloody clan war. The descendant of Holocaust survivors, Efal heard the words that later formed the title of his book, uttered over and over again while growing up in Israel. "Never forgive, never forget" he explains was a common mantra of the time among survivors and family.[…] [read online...]

The Lost Records Revealed
Hong Kong Heritage Project's Jewish collection
by Amelia Allsop

The Kadoorie Family, Sephardi Jews, emigrated from Baghdad in 1880 to settle in the Far East. The family fortunes were founded by Sir Elly Kadoorie and Sir Ellis Kadoorie, who were pivotal players in the development of business giants such as the Hongkong & Shanghai Hotel Co. and China Light and Power. Elly's sons, Lord Lawrence Kadoorie and Sir Horace Kadoorie continued the family businesses and philanthropic pursuits. The family is today headed by Lawrence's son, Sir Michael Kadoorie.

In May 2007, Sir Michael founded the Hong Kong Heritage Project (HKHP). The HKHP is the first of its kind in Hong Kong; a project supported and driven by business with the purpose of preserving community history. The HKHP does this by promoting new avenues of research, enriching Hong Kong's existing archival collection, encouraging young people to participate in the preservation of their community history and capturing unrepresented voices in Hong Kong's historical narrative through the collection of oral history. The HKHP is housed in an archive facility in Kowloon which holds 3,100 Kadoorie related records, as well as 550 filmed oral history interviews.
[…] [read online...]

How I Moved to India and Rediscovered my Judaism
A JDC Jewish Service Corps Volunteer reflects
by Jeanine Buzali

When I sat down to try to write a short reflection piece about my year in Mumbai as a JDC Jewish Service Corps (JSC) volunteer, I shuddered slightly. The thought of condensing everything I learned there, along with the deep personal connection I developed with members of the Indian-Jewish community, seemed impossible.

Being in this line of work, I often found myself explaining what
it’s like to be a foreign volunteer entering a community in a
country you barely know and getting a ‘job done’ in a cultural
setting that is so very different from yours. It requires
[…] [read online...]

Mapping my Judaic Studies Career in China
An Academic Confession
by Lihong Song

How did I start my interest in Jewish subjects and eventually become a Jewish studies scholar in China? As you can imagine, I have been asked this question countless times. It always evokes a sense of hesitation-even an anxiety- in me. Part of the reason is that I try to piece together many of my fragmented experiences into a meaningful whole. Which episode should I choose? [read online...]

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*Finding Kosher Kimchi

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