Replanting Roots in Shanghai
Architect Haim Dotan's Journey
by Erica Lyons

To understand the importance of the Israel Pavilion in Shanghai, it is necessary to understand the history of the ties that bind these two ancient peoples. The story of the Jewish people in China spans centuries and is one that continues today. Jewish communities grew throughout China, in cities like Kaifeng, Harbin and Tietsin, and the history dates back as far as the 8th century, though none of these communities grew as rapidly or as large as Shanghai.

The great influx of Jews to Shanghai began
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India Journal
Life with the Bene Ephraim
by Bonita Nathan Sussman and Gerald Sussman

In south-eastern India, isolated from the established Jewish communities of India and world Jewry, live the Bene Ephraim of Kotah Reddy Palem, India in the central state of Andra Pradesh.

From 19 July to 7 August 2007, my husband and I visited with this unknown Jewish community as volunteers for the outreach organization Kulanu. This small community’s needs are great but they are hospitable and warm, eager to reconnect and establish connections with the worldwide community of Jews. They are led by Sadok Yacobi, the spiritual leader of their congregation.

Since our visit, […] [read online...]

The Death Penalty
What Asia can learn from Judaism
by Michael H. Fox

A Tsunami of Conscience
Since the 1970’s, a tsunami of conscience has been sweeping the globe. It is ideological in nature, and unlike those emanating from the ocean, its purpose is to save lives. Capital punishment, once considered a fair and just retribution for serious crimes, is gradually being expunged in civil societies throughout the world.

This wave, which has subsumed Europe, is hitting the shores of Asia.
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