AJL – TOC – Issue 9


Life & Vision - Jew Town

My Life in Shanghai

Letter from the Editor by Erica Lyons [read online] [download PDF]
My Life in ShanghaiThe memories we took with usby Harry Todtenkopf,edited by Howard Kleinmann[read online] [download PDF]

Loewenberg on Screen,Off Screen & Behindthe Scenes
by Jocelyn Eikenburg
[read online] [download PDF]

Travel Diary
You Tai Ren Zai Na Er? (Where are the Jews?)by Naomi Nason[download PDF]

Comic Strip Diplomacy
Sketching Chinese and Israeli historyby Erica Lyons
[read online] [download PDF]
Best of AJL
Helping “Lost Jews” Find the Way Homeby Gaby Wine [download PDF]Digging Out the Past
Quest to uncover Jewish Harbinby Professor Dan Ben-Canaan
[read online] [download PDF]中以建交二十年
作者:魏凯丽 (Carice Witte), 杰克 • 莫雷尔 (Jake Morrel)
翻译:赵晨 (项目实习助理)
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Heralding in a New Era of Exchange
(中國)A review of China-Israel relations
by Carice Witte & Jake Morrel
[read online] [download PDF]

Poetryby Boaz Zippor
[download PDF]
Lo Mein to LaksaJapanese Chinese Kosher Chicken
by Akira Ohiso
[download PDF]

Book Reviews
by Susan Blumberg-Kason
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Parur Synagogue

Loewenberg on Screen,Off Screen & …


Jewish Geography

Helping “Lost Jews” Fnd the Way Home


Akira Ohiso

Digging Out the Past