AJL- TOC – Issue 6

Backpacking to Enlightenment
The Secrets of Ceylon

Inbox Your letters
[download PDF]

Letter from the Editorby Erica Lyons[read online] [download PDF]

Secrets of CeylonWhat happened to the Jews of Sri Lanka? by Andrew Harris[read online] [download PDF]

The Tomb of Rachel – The Bene Israel Connection
Wanderers, emissaries, matriarchs and a holy site by Dr. Shalva Weil[read online] [download PDF]

Poetry / Photography by Allison Heiliczer[read online] [download PDF]

Hanoi and Countingby Raquelle Azrani[read online] [download PDF]

Siona Benjamin’s Interviews on CanvasFaces of the Bene Israel by Erica Lyons
[read online] [download PDF]

Book Reviews
by Susan Blumberg-Kason[download PDF]

Holy People in the Taxi
by Erica Lyons[read online] [download PDF]

Best of AJL Visit to the IDF Field Hospital in Minami Sanriku by Philip Rosenfeld
[read online] [download PDF]

Expat Diary Experiencing the Exodus (from Japan) by Aimee Weinstein
[download PDF]

A Vision of China – Israel Academic Interchange by Carice Witte[read online] [download PDF]

Film in Focus Multicultural Mayhem: Kosher Pigs,
Jewish Lawyers and Chinese Gangsters by Jana Daniels
[download PDF]

Travel Diary Uncovering the Mysteries of Kaifeng
by Rabbi Mark S. Bloom
[download PDF]

Growing Up Jewish in India - a Photo EssayThe Tomb of Rachel
Rescung Shipwrecked Ancestors
Poetry / Photography
In Search of Ecstacy
Film In Focus
In Search of Ecstacy
Film In Focus