TOC – Issue 15 – October 2014


Letter from the Editor
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An Interview with Susan Blumberg-Kason
On Good Chinese Wife:
Love Affair with China Gone Wrong

interview by Jocelyn Eikenberg
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A Family Flower Garden
Raising My Jewish Chinese Daughter
by Lauren Goldman Marshall
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Jewish-Muslim Relations in South Asia

Where antipathy lives without Jews

by Navras Jaat Aafreedi
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Saving Jewish Graves
Salvaging a Pakistani-Jewish Identity
by Erica Lyons
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Worlds Apart In Singapore
A Jewish Family Story
by Lisa Ginsburg
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No Bread No Torah – No Degree No Honors
Traditional Education in Chinese and Jewish Culture
by Tiberiu Weisz

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The Cantor Joseph Cysner Story
Jewish Refugee Rescue in the Philippines
(Part 2 of 2)

by Bonnie M. Harris
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Book Reviews
The ‘Other’ in the Novel
Multi-Cultural Middle Grade Adventures

by Susan Blumberg-Kason
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