Asian Jewish Life - A Journel of Spirit, Society and Culture
Poetry & Photography
by by Allison Heiliczer

Childhood in China

In a sea of Chinese,

awaiting my visa.

Two hours pass,

a sweet ounce of childhood

Dances around me.

Running with red dragons;

she radiates golden light.

I observe from my seat;

she from her heart.

Transported to my Chinese childhood,

the girl dances.
Photo credit: Allison Heiliczer

Photo credit: Allison Heiliczer
Pesach In Burma

To the synagogue,

my Jewish soul floats.

Military marches,

heart expires.

Burmese energy,

pulse on fire.

Passing over perceived gates,

flying, receiving our fates.

Pesach arrives in Rangoon.

Allison Heiliczer is a Hong Kong-based photographer whose photography has
appeared in Condé Nast Traveler, Matador, InTravel and Big World Magazine. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food studies, and a master’s in cultural studies and management, both from New York University. She is about to begin her graduate studies in psychotherapy. Her work may be viewed at:

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