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Interview with
Jenny Feldon

On Mangoes, Bollywood and Water Buffalo

by Susan Blumberg-Kason

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Travel Diary

The Beauty of Traveling Cochin

by Michael Bender

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Writer's Desk

A Cup of Tea:
Tales of Grandpa Eli (part 2)

by Sophie Judah

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The Asian Jewish Life Story

The story of how and why

by Erica Lyons

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The Legacy of David Sassoon
Building aCommunity Bridge
by Shalva Weil

In 1832, David Sassoon (1792-1864)and his family arrived in Bombay(today Mumbai) after fleeing thepersecutions of the ruler of Baghdad,Daud Pasha. This wealthy merchantman,who founded a dynasty known as the“Rothschilds of the East”, was alsonamed the Prince of the Exilarch.

David Sassoon began his sojourn inBombay at 9 Tamarind Street (todaynon-existent) [...] [
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Lo Mein to Laksa:
Spice & Kosher

Exotic Cuisine of theCochin Jews
Submitted by: Bala Menon

These recipes are all from Spice & Kosher: Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews by Essie Sassoon, Bala Menonand Kenny Salem. Spice & Kosher is not a mere cookbook. It tells the story of the Jews of Cochin, walksthrough their history and captures their unique culture through their food.

“It is often said that our foods link our present lives with that of our ancestors, and it is not easy to explain whythe smells of childhood last a lifetime…”
[...] [read online...]

This Year in India
Celebration of Passover in theBene Israel Tradition
by Nissim Moses

The Bene Israel communityoriginated in Maharashtrain India. According to theirtradition, they arrived onthe Konkan Coast, south of presentdayMumbai, in approximately 175BCE. Some date this back to an evenearlier date.

Like other diaspora Jews, the Bene Israelcelebrated the festival of Passover foreight days, with two Seder nights. In thesecond part of the twentieth century, itbecame common practice to perform thefirst Seder with family and to organize acommunal Seder for the second night.
  […] [read online...]

Cover Story:
The Art of Identity

Weaving Indian Jewish Narratives
In Conversation with Siona Benjamin
by Erica Lyons

The FACES jump from theirframes, dance across the wallsof the Flomenhaft Gallery. Lifeflows from the canvases, theirstories swirl around them. It is clear thatthese are not mere pictures of people butthe stories of generations, of families andof the Jewish people.

I had last spoken with Siona Benjaminfollowing her return from India beforeher Fulbright project research for
Faces:Weaving Indian Jewish Narratives hadtaken form. She had explained hervision for the project to me and sharedher photographs of the people thatwould soon become the subjects of herart. While her passion[…] [read online...]

Best of Asian Jewish Life

A Lesson on Strength in Small Numbers
by Leah Robinson

Seven months ago I left LosAngeles and the comfortsof home to serve with theAmerican Jewish JointDistribution Committee (JDC) as a JDCEntwine Global Jewish Service Corps(JSC) fellow in Mumbai, India. I havenow been home three weeks and itfeels […] [read online...]

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