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Fully Jewish- Fully Chinese

A Photo Essay

by Jason Jia

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Writer's Desk

The Story of My Parents

Tales of Grandpa Eli

by Sophie Judah

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Film in Focus

Harbour of Hope

directed by Magnus Gertten

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Book Reviews

Firsthand Accounts of the Jewish Experience
in World War II Shangha

by Susan Blumberg-Kason

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An Accidental Israeli
A Trip to Manila Paves the Way Home
by Carl Hoffman

Congratulate me.

I have just reached an important milestone in life: five years in Israel. I realize, of course, that this short span of time pales before those reached by people who have lived in this country for decades—who built houses amidst sand dunes, who ventured out to establish communities in the middle of vast orange orchards, and who fondly remember their now bustling cities back when they were miniscule moshavim, lacking traffic lights or even paved roads. My unique milestone draws its significance[...] [
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Jewish Refugee Rescue
in the Philippines

The Cantor Joseph Cysner Story (Part 1)
by Bonnie M. Harris

Though I have never met him, I feel as if I know more about Cantor Joseph Cysner than any other person alive – perhaps even more than his children. I spent the better part of a decade researching this remarkable Holocaust survivor story. While documenting and penning his incredible tale, I often times felt the human at the center of the story was getting lost. Writing this article has helped me to find him again.[...] [read online...]

Becoming Observant in Tokyo
A Personal Shabbat Journey
by Liane Wakabayashi

This is the account of my journey in-progress toward becomingShabbos- observant in Tokyo. Ihave been married for 22 yearsto Akihiko Wakabayashi, a practitionerof Eastern medicine and an increasinglysupportive student of Jewish customand faith. In a leafy suburb in Setagayaward, Tokyo, we raise our two children,Mirai Miriam 15 and Seiji Hillel 10. Tenkilometers away, a fast drive downKanana Dori, the Chabad House run byRabbi Binyomin and Efrat Edery, leadsto the beginning of my story.Becoming observant in Tokyo?
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On Stardom in China,
Award-Winning Fiction and Judaism

Interview with Rachel DeWoskin
by Jocelyn Eikenburg

During the mid-1990s, RachelDeWoskin first dazzledaudiences as the unlikelystar of the Chinese soapopera Foreign Babes in Beijing -- anexperience she captured in her 2005memoir of the same title, exploringlife and love (both on screen and off)in a changing China. Foreign Babesin Beijing has been published in sixdifferent countries and is currentlybeing developed as a television seriesfor HBO.

More recently, Rachel DeWoskinhas dazzled readers
[…] [read online...]

Lo Mein to Laksa

Thai Spices of Chanukah
by Allaya Fleischer

As many of you know (especially if you are from, or have family or friends in the United States), this Chanukah is a rather historical one, where both Thanksgiving and Chanukah overlap. The first time this happened was in November of 1888, […] [read online...]

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