Animating Jewish-Chinese Relations
A story of lasting friendship
by Erica Lyons

Judaism and Israel are hot topics in China. Over ten Chinese Universities now offer programs in Judaic Studies, at least one offering a doctoral program. China’s state-owned television network, CCTV, recently aired a documentary titled “Walk into Israel- Land of Milk and Honey”, its first series on Israel.

The story of the Jews in Shanghai in the first half of the 20th century, a story little known to even most Jews in the world, is suddenly popular in China.

The opening of the Israeli Pavillion in Shangai
[…] [read online...]

The Way Home
A filmmaker's adoption story
by Erica Lyons

Winding through the streets of Seoul, if it weren’t for the film cameras, Jason Hoffman in many ways would be much like any other American tourist discovering a country completely foreign to him; trying new foods, hitting the major tourist sites, posing for photographs, stumbling with the language. But Jason is far from being an ordinary tourist; this is not a holiday and this is not his first time in Seoul. […] [read online...]

Finding a Lost Tribe of Israel in India
The long road home
by Michael Freund

The road leading to the village of Churachandpur winds through lush and verdant fields. Aside from an occasional military checkpoint, there is little vehicular activity along the thoroughfare, in this remote region of India’s northeast. […] [read online...]

The Endless Jewish Audience
A Japanese Jewish convert speaks
by Akira Ohiso

In Kenji Yoshino’s book "Covering", he compares Samuel Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner to his coming out as a gay man. Coleridge’s main character, a sailor, must continually tell the story of how he killed the albatross as penance for his sin. Yoshino says, “he is compelled to speak and they are compelled to listen. So he tells and tells, hoping one day to tell the story well enough, or often enough, that he will no longer need to tell it.”
This is how I feel as a Japanese Jewish
. […] [read online...]

The Color of Carefully Ordered Chaos
The work of Nir Segal
by Amy Har-Even

Nir Segal is nothing if not prolific. One look at the Israeli artist’s website and his dizzying array of work- -paintings, drawings, photography, and installations, poetry and essays--and a person starts to feel downright lazy by comparison. Even as I write this, Segal is putting on an exhibition in Bangkok, including paintings, photographs and installation pieces. It’s his second in Thailand in a year: he had an exhibition in September 2009 at Bangkok University--called Which Wait- -and its success led to an invitation from the Israeli Embassy in Thailand to show at Bangkok’s National Gallery this summer. This show, called Sit-You-Ate, incorporates […] [read online...]

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