• Snapshots of Jewish Singapore

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    There was a Jewish presence in Singapore as early as 1819 though the permanent community dates back to about 1840 when the first synagogue was built on Synagogue Street which was in the first Jewish quarter. Another synagogue was built to accomodate the needs of the growing community.

    The Maghain Aboth Synagogue was built in 1878, making it the oldest remaining synagogue in the region. The complex includes the Jacob Ballas Community Center


    Maghain Aboth Synagogue
      Maghain Aboth Synagogue
    Maghain Aboth Synagogue, Interior
    photo 4
    Chesed-El Synaogue was built in 1905 by Sir Manasseh Meyer. It is also still in use today.
    photo 2

    There are two sites of Jewish historical significance near Little India.

    The Ellison Building (above) bears a Star of David. It is now known if Ellison was Jewish but this was an area frequented by Jews. Nearby is the David Elias Building at the junction of Selegie and Middle Road. This building was built by a Jewish merchant (Elias) in 1928 and it still stands today.

    Just after leaving the area, I even had some 'Jewish' movers pass by.
    photo-7 2



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