• A Glimpse of Jewish Harbin

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    Harbin, China, today the capital of Heilongjiang Province, while perhaps best known for its Ice Festival, was once known as the “Moscow of the East.” At its height it was also home to over 23,000 Jews (including the grandparents of former prime minister Ehud Olmert) who created their own rich religious, cultural and educational life.

    Even though the last Jewish family left Harbin in 1963 and Judaism isn’t a recognized religion in China, two historic synagogues (the Main/Old and the New Synagogues) as well as various other Jewish institutions, have physically, in some form, seem to have stood the test of time — without Jews.

    CIMG0801              Main (Old) Synagogue

    CIMG0767              Former Jewish School


    B10 - Jewish Buildings - New Synagogue              New Synagogue

    C5 - Cemetery - Chapel                Jewish Cemetery Chapel

    C53 - Cemetery - Solomon Kadish & Girsh Kruglakov             Jewish Cemetery

    B1 - Jewish Buildings - Private Hospital                Former Jewish Hospital





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    1. Cheryl
      21/04/2014 at 12:26 am

      Thank you for showing these pictures.  I just found out about your site and find it truly fascinating.  My late mother was born and raised in Harbin along with her sister and two brothers who fled Russia with their parents.






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